Curly Hard Maple Shot Gun Blanks

Extreme Figured Birdseye Log


Curly Hard Maple Extreme Figure

Curly Hard Maple Quilted Figure 


Samples of Birdseye Maple 

​Curly Hard Maple Wavey Figure

Quilted or Shell Maple 

Policies and Grading:

Understand grading especially in Birdseye is very hard because every stock is so different from another.  Large eyes, small eyes, curly figure the differences vary greatly.  We usually send pictures of different stocks for you to choose from.  Then we price it accordingly.

Concerning grading:  Natural cosmetic imperfections both in curly hard maple as well as Birdseye such as minor knots, very small bark pockets, slight heart wood or minor mineral lines these may require cosmetic fill work.  These are not considered a defect and will be subject to a 25% restocking fee if returned.

We do not do full refunds but only will replace your stock after our inspection.  Stock must be returned with an explanation within 7 days of purchasing.  Once 7 days has gone buy the sale is final.  Also consider if we have to cut your gun stock out of a larger slab of figured wood  all sales will be final. 

Gun stock measurements usually are 7 to 8 1/2 inches at the butt stock, 2 to 2 3.8 in. thick, 32-36 inches long. Type your paragraph here.  If there are special requests please contact us and we will try to work with you. 

Curly Red Maple Soft Curl

Exhibition Birdseye Maple 

We started cutting figured maple 35 years ago specializing in curly hard maple, Birdseye maple  and curly red maple from the Northern Climate of the USA.  Extremely hard and tight grained.  The figure as you can see from the photos is extremely varied we feel we are the number one cutters of highly figured curly hard maple and Birdseye maple in the country.  We also try to specialize in the highest grades of these woods.  

​We sell the "Best of the Best"!!